BlueLine Pro, Inc. provides a full range of investigative services. We specialize in vulnerability assessments for businesses and educational facilities. We also offer notary services.

Threat Vulnerability Assessments

School safety is becoming increasingly important as incidents of violence continue to gain momentum in our educational institutions. BlueLine Pro, Inc. specializes in vulnerability assessments which are used to identify security and safety issues on your schools' campus. We also offer Active Shooter training for staff. This service includes classroom instruction as well as hands on and scenario-based exercises. Finally, we have a large pool of qualified, former law enforcement professionals, who specialize in armed, physical security. These services can also be transferred to a corporate setting.

BlueLine Pro, Inc. and its’ affiliates offer security and protection for a wide range of individuals including: CEO’s, VIP’s, celebrities, and dignitaries. Our security operatives not only provide professional protection services but are well trained in taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

Process & Legal Services

California requires service of process to be performed by a licensed and registered process server. We have licensed and registered process servers that have undergone extensive background checks. We are tenacious and will take all necessary steps to make sure your service is completed in a timely manner.

BlueLine Pro, Inc. offers notary services in addtition to our process services.

Defense Strategy

Our Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of former Police Investigators, Federal Agents, and Criminal Investigators. With years of experience, our investigators will use their knowledge and tactics to investigate complex criminal matters to solve your case.

Types of Criminal Cases Handled:

• Fraud: Corporate, Personal, and Insurance
• Homicide
• Stalking and Harassment
• Financial Crimes
• Narcotic Investigations
• Child and Elder Abuse
• D.W.I. and D.U.I. Cases
• Undercover Operations
• Victim and Witness Investigations

Surveillance Services

Surveillance is the practice of monitoring and documenting a subject’s activities for various purposes. These can include, but are not limited to: infidelity, domestic situations, child custody cases, insurance fraud, internal theft, and employee related cases.

Our surveillance investigators know the practice of blending in and will obtain evidence and information in a discreet and professional manner. Time stamped video and/or still photography as well as audio recordings are the most effective types of evidence we implement for personal or court related cases.

Insurance Investigations

Workplace fraud comes in various forms and practices. Our investigators are well versed in the following types of cases:

Workman’s Comp Claims: Are the claimants claiming that they cannot work? Our investigators will conduct surveillance and document any and all false claims being made by the claimant.

Playing Hooky: Whether your injured claimant is playing softball, hockey, golf or working out in the gym our investigators will provide you with the evidence you need.

Background Investigations

Background Investigations are conducted to find pertinent and specific information on an individual, company, or organization. There are different types of information that can be obtained on an individual via a background check. Examples of the types of information typically requested are criminal history records, employment status, marital status, address and phone, vital statistic verification, education, department of motor vehicle, military, and civil records.

We strongly recommend background checks when looking for a babysitter, nanny, or even a cleaning service. We also suggest a dating or premarital check before entering into a serious relationship with someone. It is better to be safe than sorry when inviting someone into your personal life.

Employee Background Checks: A properly structured background screening program is a valuable tool when making employment decisions. Pre-screening potential employees can help to attract better quality candidates, strengthen workplace safety and security, decrease the risk of fraud and theft of company or customer assets, and reduce potential damage to your business and its reputation.

Tenant Background Checks: Deciding whether or not to rent your room, home, or business space to someone is an important decision for a landlord. A full background investigation can increase your ability to find quality tenants, save you costly eviction and legal fees, and provide you with peace of mind.